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Really unhappy. Le mois le moins cher pour prendre l’avion est juillet. Flight was amazing", Points positifs : "The plane ✈️ itself the attendants . Great food, kept everyone hydrated and fed." We try to be as accurate as possible, but things can change fast. ", Points positifs : "Great service, tasty sandwich." Ce vol reliant Genève à Budapest en quelques heures seulement vous permettra de faire une pause. Points négatifs : "Seat pitch could've been more. Vols de Genève à Bucarest en un clic. So I did not get ANY sleep. No explanation was offered for the delay", Points positifs : "It was a short, quick, pleasant trip. The night before flight I received phone call from Easyjet offering me Euro250 to take a later flight as only a smaller plane than planned was available. A small selection of the information available on this page is shown below in a tabular format. Points négatifs : "Give more attention to travellers with infants as they really need your support. Restaurants. Very helpful when I had a specific personal request at the booking office. Points négatifs : "They have mabaged to lost my luggage", Points positifs : "Entertainment" Budapest Airport Guide. it was the tightest seating I've ever experienced. ", Points positifs : "The flight and crew were excellent. Flüge von Genf nach Budapest. Points négatifs : "Boarding crew in Warsaw very unprofessional, rude and unhelpful! ", Points positifs : "Crew got a late running service boarded and off the gerund promptly and made up time during the flights." Now hungrey and tierd.I.will not be flying klm ever again !! Points négatifs : "Keep time scheduled", Points positifs : "Food option was horrible. ", Points positifs : "Nice crew, good food." Points négatifs : "Unfortunately, boarding wasn't well organized. Tagged our carry-on bags in case they wouldn’t fit in the overhead bins (very narrow bins. Now Norwegian Express, that's another good story. ", Points positifs : "On time, stable flight without surprises" The seats were very comfortable and the staff very helpful. Points négatifs : "Long overnight flight in Economy Class, little legroom. Points négatifs : "Boarding free for all, therefore confusing and slow", Points positifs : "One of flight attendants lent me her phone charger to charge my phone which absolutely saved and they were just generally very pleasant and easy to interact with. 30% of population is vegetarian", Points négatifs : "The best Airlines ever from every aspects, I’m frequent traveler of Turkish airlines and will be for good. Very worst service." Points négatifs : "Both bathroom were not working in business class area. Vous pourriez par exemple vous envoler pour Budapest avec une compagnie aérienne, puis repartir pour Genève avec une autre. Cost me delay of 1 hour. My all commitment collapsed. Si vous pouvez vous permettre un peu de spontanéité, faites votre recherche avec des dates flexibles. Points négatifs : "Nothing. Points négatifs : "One of the other passengers was being difficult and irritating on the flight. The onboard entertainment could have been better. Très en écoute. Flightnumbers and complete route information. Points négatifs : "Seriously now, the line, the attitude, the delays, the lack of information, is not "low cost". ", Points négatifs : "The air conditioners fan was bad and they had to fix it in London which took over 40 minutes off travel time...we arrived much later than expected in Lagos", Points négatifs : "Flight on time would have been good when you have a late evening arrival. ", Points négatifs : "touch screen didn't work,", Points positifs : "Great crew, fantastic entertainment. ", Points positifs : "Great airline! Sign up for updates via the map, and be the first to know if they do. ", Points positifs : "Service and hospitality. 2021.Pour en savoir plus sur les restrictions à travers le monde, veuillez consulter notre page sur les restrictions de voyage liées au coronavirus (COVID-19). On time dep and arrival!" So I decided to turn nack and go back to gates A50-69 assport cobtrol where luckily there was no queue at all. Not enough choice for shops. Points négatifs : "I could not take the trolies on board. Points négatifs : "L'équipage ne fais pas d'effort pour comprendre ce qu'on lui demande dans une autre langue à part l'anglais. Qatar was better in overall customer service. Budapest est une ville thermale réputée pour son ambiance romantique et son architecture. Points négatifs : "45 minute delay", Points positifs : "Overall great! At least let us know via Whatsapp that the plane is delayed, or at which belt the bags would come out. There was no food. Points négatifs : "Flight was delayed (not their fault) however when we land their was no one to help with transfers or new arrangements with flights that were missed. ", Points négatifs : "Everything was good except for the temperature. The seats were changed at the last minute, we were very upset!!! Points négatifs : "Seats a bit hard", Points positifs : "Checkin 1a at Schiphol had long lines, and no seperate counters for just bag drop. ", Points négatifs : "They cancelled my returning flight WITHOUT me knowing and expecting me to pay for the penalty fee for misisng the first flight even tho I DID not cancel the returning flight which obviously I was gonna take. ", Points positifs : "Low cost, no complimentary food and no entertaiment" ", Points négatifs : "Delayed ! Les voyageurs titulaires d'un permis de séjour délivré par la Hongrie avec une validité d'au moins 90 jours peuvent entrer en Hongrie.Exigences d'entréeLes ressortissants étrangers peuvent entrer en Hongrie pour assister à des événements sportifs ou culturels internationaux, mais doivent en sortir dans les 72 heures suivant leur arrivée. À Genève, vous partirez de l’aéroport de Genève : Genève-Cointrin. It was a Great flight. I understand problems arrive, but Easyjet push their planes too hard. ", Points positifs : "Crew was friendly and we were pleasantly surprised to be fed something on the short flight!" Points négatifs : "boarding was running very far behind - considering this is mainly a hub operations carrier - resulted in several passengers missing their connecting flights -", Points positifs : "Helpful and kind crew" Points négatifs : "the seating is horrible. Points négatifs : "Better food, bigger dessert", Points positifs : "The service was great" ", Points négatifs : "Due to the reason that the flight was overbookef LH asked us to drop off our hand luggages as well in MXP, however both were approved for the cabine. Recherchez sur des centaines de sites et trouvez des vols pour Budapest, Prix des vols à l’approche de la date de départ, Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports de départ, Saisissez un emplacement pour afficher les aéroports à proximité, Sélectionnez jusqu'à 3 aéroports d'arrivée, Sélectionnez un aéroport dans le champ de recherche, 0 bébé/siège (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné, 0 bébé/genoux (moins de 2 ans) sélectionné. The bin has a total weigh limit, not the individual bag. Points négatifs : "Wi-Fi is not available on all flights also is easy to download the fllynet", Points négatifs : "The flight was cancelled and rescheduled for tomorrow same time due to bad weather. Points négatifs : "The plane was late. Points négatifs : "Absolutely nothing", Points positifs : "Great good entertainment n crew provided warm and courteous service" ", Points positifs : "Seat comfortable. Could bring two hand luggage (backpack and suitcase) which I like even though I didn't have to pay extra!" My family and I had to wait for 50 mins, to do a bag drop which in,y lasted 1 min! Lufthansa with 89 flights every month. Planning your next vacation or business trip? ", Points négatifs : "The boarding and flight were late", Points négatifs : "My entertainment screeen froze in first 40 min of flight, the food portions were tiny", Points positifs : "The crew lady was nice and I liked the food even though it was a one hour flight" :) Polite and friendly staff which is a standard that has slipped with many airlines in recent years! ", Points positifs : "Efficient, on time." Le prix affiché pour chaque vol correspondra au prix moyen par passager, y compris les enfants. Points négatifs : "We left Chicago at 7:58 pm instead of 4:35 pm, they got us on the airplane and than we just sat there for 3 hrs till finally we were able to take off. ", Points positifs : "Very friendly crew member." Had to re-book with Air Astana. When we arrived in Amsterdam, we get the recheked in flight." I was overall very happy. The ticket prices start from 14 EUR in second class and from 24 EUR in first class. I will missed a meeting for", Points positifs : "The seat was comfortable, the crew were good and supportive but seemed a bit too busy when called upon. The distance between Geneva and Budapest is 990 km. They were quite condescending ." ", Points positifs : "Tout a été excellent" Not the same business class product at all, ancient plane, worn seats though they claim to be "new" on this 767. Crew joking about personal stuff, on personal phones, ignoring passengers! Laissez-vous captiver par les splendeurs de la «Perle du Danube» et sillonnez la métropole magyare à deux, en famille ou entre amis. Very polite, very professional. That is very bad on a long flight. Avec Jetcost, trouvez le vol moins cher de Genève à Budapest qui répond à tous vos besoins ! See flight deals from Geneva and Budapest Spacious leg room even in economy." ", Points positifs : "The flight to be on time for once" Need better options for vegans and Vegetarians." Nothing major, just enough to be annoying until I figured the details. Points négatifs : "Not sitting cooped up in our seats waiting 45 minutes for a slot. Vol Budapest Genève Iberia Distribution par agence agréée. A well oiled machine, thank you. Plane on time! ", Points positifs : "The crew were courteous and friendly, the seats were comfortable." On trouve en général les vols les moins chers pour Genève - Budapest 33 jours avant le départ. This meant instead of a train ticket, rather a 55 euro taxi to get home. Points négatifs : "I don't know. Check our live COVID-19 map for Hungary travel restrictions , and to find out if you'll need to quarantine on arrival. Points négatifs : "Nothing", Points négatifs : "See problem with the KAYAK reservation above. The sandwich was tasty. It’s been very frustrating. Voli da Ginevra a Budapest. Points négatifs : "The earphones could have worked! That was the only disappointment in an otherwise pleasant flight" ", Points négatifs : "The entertainment system didn’t work at all the whole long haul flight", Points négatifs : "Employees at airport in Budapest didn’t speak English, also went to restroom and there was no access for handicapped people, I’m on wheelchair. Points négatifs : "I liked everything. Polite staff. Les voyageurs sont soumis à un contrôle de température à l'arrivée mais ne sont pas soumis à des mesures de quarantaine.Exigences spécifiques de quarantaineLes voyageurs sont soumis à un examen médical et à une mise en quarantaine pendant 14 jours.Règles relatives au transitLes voyageurs transitant par la Hongrie doivent fournir la preuve que l'entrée à la frontière a pour but de voyager directement vers une autre destination en dehors de la Hongrie ; indiquer le motif du voyage et fournir la preuve qu'ils sont en mesure de transiter vers leur destination finale, par exemple une réservation d'hôtel ou une preuve d'adresse dans un autre pays, un billet de voyage ou une preuve similaire. It seemed forever getting on the plane from gate . In Toronto I found out that there was no my luggage on the plane...", Points positifs : "I DIDNT TAKE A FLIGHT TO LONDON DONT KNOW WHAT YOURE TALKING ABOUT", Points positifs : "Overall it was a good flight" C'est un vol international et je pense que c'est important de parler français aussi. We have travel insurance through you and all the paperwork is in French that was emailed to me. Points négatifs : "Horrible, lazy staff with attitude. The issue is still unresolved and I’m very disappointed.". Si vous recherchez un vol pas cher entre Genève et Bucarest, trouvez et comparez en quelques secondes les meilleures offres de vols à bas prix grâce à Jetcost. Boarding was easy and hassle free because Business class passengers had to go through a seperate gate to board." KAYAK parcourt des centaines de sites et vous aide à dénicher un billet pas cher et à trouver le vol qu’il vous faut. Further to this the flight was over booked and there was a good chance of being bumped off the flight...! Great friendly crew on the flight. ", Points négatifs : "The seats not comfortable for such a long flight, especially compared to bue air on the outbound trip", Points négatifs : "Didn’t even get to take this flight due to our first EasyJet flight being delayed. Points négatifs : "That this flight is ALWAYS LATE", Points négatifs : "We had to cancel the trip because my father has recently passed away. luggage loaded at the last minute in the hull - they were waiting for us when we deplaned!) ", Points positifs : "Super efficacité au desk 'cas speciaux' de Turkishairline Ils m'ont imprimé ma carte d'embarquement en 3 minutes" This flight has a 100% record of being over 30 mins late! I had a child with me and it took 2.5 hours for us in the airport to get a hotel and taxi for night stay and I reached at 0030 at night. Travel industry awards. Les voyageurs arrivant de la zone Schengen, des États-Unis ou du Canada doivent présenter deux tests COVID-19 négatifs dans les 5 jours suivant leur arrivée, mais à au moins 48 heures d'intervalle. ", Points négatifs : "Retard du vol dur avec un enfant", Points négatifs : "Retard du vil dir avec un enfant", Points positifs : "Turkish is always consistently excellent" I wasted more than half my day (1.5hr drive to airport plus 3 hours a airport) as I had to reschedule my day trip for a later dater to fit in the few meetings I had. Reclining seats Water service", Points négatifs : "Flight was 2 hours late", Points positifs : "On time ,staff great" The sooner you book, the cheaper the ticket will be. Smooth landing." Points négatifs : "Upon arriving to Frankfurt airport (gate Z) from Boston, i had an hour to make it to gate A including passport control. 30% of people are vegetarian", Points négatifs : "I would definitely have vegetarian food. And, I loved the leg room! ", Points positifs : "Food and service in business class were splendid." My flight was at 7:10 PM and en ese up leaving at 9:40 PM. ", Points positifs : "Nothing in particular." Norge - Flyvninger Genève - Budapest EasyJet Magyarország - Repülőjegy Genf - Budapest EasyJet Sverige - Flyg Genève - Budapest EasyJet France - Vol Genève - Budapest EasyJet Australia - Flights Geneva - Budapest EasyJet Rest easy knowing you're on your way to Budapest with a respected airline. That's no how they need to treat passenger, Also on flying back they didn't react fast, and they missed to put me on the Frankfurt plane, what could be an alternative route, on the same day, instead they sent me desk to desk. ", Points positifs : "From the moment we checked in at Barcelona airport the airport staff were brilliant, my partner and his daughter are on the autism spectrum and struggle with crowds and social behaviour, but the gentleman that escorted us and helped us board could not have been nicer thank you" I nearly missed that one as well because of it. This was a Krakow>Budapest flight. Points négatifs : "No downsides at all", Points positifs : "very attentive crew" Flight was delayed, without proper announcements." Il y a 4 vols (directs) par semaine entre Genève et Budapest, avec une moyenne de 0 par jour. Points négatifs : "Too many voice announcements, interfering with the entertainments system. ", Points négatifs : "Facilities at gate 12 at Luton were non existent, plenty of money spent on departure lounge to get money out of people but gates were atrocious with no guidance, space or seats", Points positifs : "EasyJet are generally efficient and feel like they have the passenger in mind." Shouldn't cancel any flight even one passenger booked air ticket. Points négatifs : "Ground staff poor customer service", Points positifs : "Crew was great, plane was nice" ", Points négatifs : "La cuisine est vraiment horrible", Points positifs : "The crew was really friendly and responsive. Mondial Assistance (UK) Limited FCA registration number is 311909. Budapest is partially open to travellers from Geneva. I just learned my lesson not to travel with turkish airlines ever again." ", Points positifs : "Everything was fine on this flight." Long wait for luggage at Birmingham airport. Not just that. ", Points positifs : "Rien" allows you to book a hotel, car hire, tours and activities in Budapest.. Low cost flights to Budapest from Geneva are not always easy to find. At least communicate to your customers if you care about hem", Points positifs : "Staff and flight was excellent no complaints" ", Points positifs : "Nothing to say anything flight has been cancelled two time. However, there are services departing from Genève and arriving at Budapest-Keleti via Zuerich Hb. Points négatifs : "The staff were great but there was a rather large rid group that could have triggered an episode, but after a quiet word with the crew we were again supported a quick exit", Points négatifs : "Informing why flight was delayed. ", Points positifs : "The aircraft, specially the seats, the crew, the pilot and the service during the whole flight" Sightseeing. But then you decided obviously not to send the smaller plane but did not bother phoning or emailing us customers as you had done the previous evening. ", Points négatifs : "Le manque de sollicitude pour établir le billet pour la connexion IST YUL, suite à la non connaissance du nouveau contrôle AVE pour les entrées au Canada. Once I got to to gates A50-69 I was told that i had to turn back and go through a different passport control as the one close to gates A50-69 was too busy/full. Austrian railways ÖBB offers saver-fares called "Sparschiene". The road distance is 1248.1 km. ", Points positifs : "The bed was comfortable. British Travel Awards. Flight was 30mins early so no problems there." KAYAK parcourt des centaines de sites et vous aide à dénicher un billet pas cher et à trouver le vol qu’il vous faut. Opodo, the online travel agency. Points négatifs : "Food was not up to standards, the inflight entertainment does not offer enough film or TV shows, enough variety or latest films", Points positifs : "Toute était très bon depuis le début jusqu'a la fin. ", Points positifs : "The connecting flight from Milan was almost an hour late. It took an hour of being ignored by various TA staff to eventually get my boarding pass to the next available flight to London. Plenty room on flight as it not booked full. HU : il y a 144 970 cas actifs de COVID-19 diagnostiqués et 10 325 décès en date du 8 janv. ", Points positifs : "Amazing crew, confortable seats, great complimentary internet service" The journey time may be longer on weekends and holidays, so use our Journey Planner on this page to search for a specific travel date.

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